Ildefonso P. Santos + Associates
L  a  n  d  s  c  a  p  e                  A  r  c  h  i   t   e  c  t  s

The landscape architectural firm of Ildefonso P. Santos + Associates is one of the pioneers in the field of landscape architecture in the Philippines.  Founded in 1963, the firm has worked on varied projects ranging from simple residences to sophisticated and complex developments such as resorts, memorial parks, shopping centers, hotel, office buildings, schools, subdivisions, high rise condominiums, parks playgrounds, sports clubs, shopping malls, etc., and into the field of environmental planning and protection, employing innovative and imaginative design and planning concepts.


Throughout the firm’s growth, it has earned a reputation for high ethical standards and practice with long years of experience and expertise, making i.p. Santos & associates a leading and respected name in the landscape architectural profession here and abroad.

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